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Welcome to T School

Welcome! My name is Tara Shah, and I am the founder of T School where raising the bar is what we do. The T School bar preparation course is an online bar prep tutorial course that is thoughtfully designed with your success in mind. We prepare you for all components of the California Bar Exam: essay, performance test, and the MBE. I’ve been in the bar prep business for over 15 years, and in my experience, I have found that passing the bar is 1-part knowledge, 1-part know-how, and 1-part mental.

In developing the course, I put a lot of attention on studying smarter not harder by  bridging the gap between how the law is taught and how we need to write about it, effectively managing your study and exam time, and maximizing retention of the key concepts. At T School we are raising the bar with tools and resources that will help you to gain the knowledge, master the skills, and to build the confidence you need to pass!

About the Instructor

Whether it is teaching the law, trying something new and adventurous, or exploring faraway places, I do it all with enthusiasm and passion. Do it well or don’t do it at all might be my motto! Of course, what I think I do particularly well is getting students as prepared as possible to start their dream to begin practicing law. I’ve taught over 1000 students, and I love what I do, which is why I have been in the bar prep business for over 15 years. I have had the unique opportunity to successfully work with first time takers, repeat takers, foreign attorney LLM students, out-of-state lawyers, and students with learning disabilities to prepare them to pass their bar exam.

My love for teaching began as the Director of Legal Education in San Diego for Barbri Bar Review. Through Barbri, I was privileged to work with many law schools to help develop pre-bar prep course curriculum, create content, and teach bar prep programs at leading law schools such as Stanford, University of Southern California, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, University of San Diego, Southwestern School of Law, McGeorge School of the Pacific, California Western School of Law, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to name a few.

For years, I had the pleasure of teaching Barbri’s Essay Writing Workshops for the main bar course, Barbri’s Essay and Performance Test Advantage courses, and subject specific workshops for Barbri’s Pre-Bar Prep Workshops. While I started out lecturing on components of the California Bar Exam, I expanded my abilities to be able to better serve students taking the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) as well.

Based upon my experience with reviewing hundreds of past bar exams over the years from former students, I have developed a proficiency for understanding the scoring and calibration for essays and performance tests. I study the exams of the students who went before you to really understand how each exam was scored, to enhance the quality of the instruction and handouts that I provide, and to ensure that future students do not become prey to the same pitfalls.

Leveraging my knowledge and expertise, I served as co-editor and co-author of several editions of the BARBRI Essay Writing Workbook, Performance Test Writing Workbook, California Essay Advantage Book, and Performance Test Advantage Book; and as author of many of Themis Bar Review’s California essay and performance test model answers.

After leaving Barbri, I continued my bar examination prep practice by continuing to aid students preparing for the California and UBE exams through private tutoring, on-campus lectures, and as an independent contractor for commercial courses and academic institutions.